St. Mary’s Church was established to cater to the growing Christian community in Noida. The foundation stone was laid on January 1, 1990, by Bishop Alan de Lastic, the then-Archbishop of Delhi, marking the beginning of the church’s construction.




By 1995, the initial structure of St. Mary’s Church was completed. The church began serving as a spiritual home for Catholics in Noida, conducting regular Masses and sacraments for its growing congregation.



In 2005, St. Mary’s Church underwent significant expansion to accommodate the increasing number of parishioners. New facilities such as a community hall, classrooms, and a rectory were added to better serve the needs of the church community.



By 2020, St. Mary’s Church had become a vibrant hub of spiritual, educational, and social activities. The church actively engaged with the local community through charitable initiatives, outreach programs, Bible study groups, catechism classes, retreats, and more, promoting values of love, compassion, and service.